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The following company forms are available for Austria: Limited, Ltd & Co KG, GmbH, GmbH Foundation privileged, KG or EPU

In addition to sole proprietorships, a number of company forms are available for the management of a company. Here you can order your partnership or corporation and other services. Choose the option that suits you:

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aggregate capital
Total capital = number of shares * individual share value (e.g.: 1000 € capital from 1000 shares per 1 € value)

Note regarding GmbH
(Minimum share capital of a GmbH is 35,000.00 Euro, half of which must be paid in cash when  is founded.
(Minimum share capital of a GmbH  is 10.000,-- Euro, half of which must be paid in cash at the time of foundation.)
With the Limited, you are free to determine the share capital.

Select the currency in which you want to specify the shares in the company

business address of the branch
Will be used for package XL, Co KG, GmbH, KG or EPU (see Services& prices) is required.

Main purpose of the company
Please describe here the business purpose of your company (trade name), i.e. in which branch you will be active in the future and which activities you plan with the company. The trade name is entered in the commercial register in Austria in the foundation packages XL, Co KG, GmbH, KG or EPU.

If you would like your business to be registered with Companies House in the UK, we ask you to give us a maximum of three "SIC codes" which correspond best to your planned activity. The overview of classification codes (SIC codes) can be found here: Classification (SIC) codes