Overall Information about UK Limited's

The UK Private Company Limited by Shares, also known as 'Limited' or 'Ltd', is an English legal structure, which can offer many interesting advantages to businesses in Austria and Germany.

The structure of a Limited company is comparable with that of a corporation company or a public limited company. A Limited is the most common form of capital company in the UK regardless whether the business is a small or large one. It fulfills similar economical functions to that of the Austrian and German GmbH.

The formation of a Limited doesn't require a certain amount of capital stock and offers the advantage of limitation of liability, similar to that of GmbH.

The EUGH jurisdiction allows countries within the EU not just to adapt their own type of business activities but also that of other member states, thereby is the UK very popular for its flexibility in capital endowment and its fast procedure in establishing Limited companies.

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Limited formation as an alternative to GmbH?

In other European countries are companies incorporated under the law of the European Court of Justice (Case Inspire Art) before the law in Austria. The course also applies to the registered under English law "Limited", which is enjoying increasing popularity.