Choose the name for your Limited

There is great freedom in the UK in choosing the name for your Limited company.

Choosing the name for an UK Limited is basically free with some further mandatory regulations, such as the company name must end with the word Limited or Ltd. and it shouldn't sound offensive or unlawful. It should also have no connection with names relating to authorities, institutions or governments.

Certain names are only allowed to be used with authorized consent, i.e. Royal, King, Queen, Windsor, Police, Chamber of Commerce, Bank, Insurance etc.. Doctor's and other title of nobilities can usually be registered into the register of companies without any problems. Your chosen name can only then be reserved after you paid the appropriate fee for the service package with us and even then, there is no guarantee on your company getting that name as the final consent has to be awaited from the UK government authorities.

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* Insolution Ltd. can not assume liability for the name of broadcasting or any naming rights. The violation of foreign naming rights is the sole risk of default. The same applies for antitrust violations or violations of foreign (non-British or Irish) law, for which Insolution Ltd. assume no liability.